‘We work’ on acid – launching Autumn 2020

We’re building a collaborative marketing hub in Brighton and then expanding the concept across the top tech cities in the UK. Sharing ideas, assets, resources and a cuppa.

This is not co-working, this is comarketing; everybody is an important piece of the marketing puzzle. With plans for an in-house philosopher and a stress-busting environment – move over bean bags and table tennis – ‘we work’ on acid!

This is not co-working this is Comarketing, where everybody is an important piece of the marketing puzzle

Rock Place, BN2 1PF

Our Brighton project is super-exciting. We have purchased ‘half a street’ (with a Blue Ocean view obvs…) and plan to convert this into a vibrant, high-tech co-marketing space over the next 12-18 months starting October 2019.

Phase one is almost complete, so pop in for a cuppa!

West, 2-5 Rock Place, Brighton BN2 1PF


For all tenants we can offer accounts, HR, personal assistance and IT support functions. This means you can focus more on marketing and less on managing.