An investment team focused on eCustomer growth

It started with a shared insight that there is a gaping opportunity for an investor who knows a thing or two about growing a B2C company’s number one asset – its customers.

We have spent our careers in customer acquisition marketing; successfully growing brands including Graze, The White Company, Boden, HelloFresh, eHarmony and Photobox to name a few.

And we built some pretty awesome marketing agencies along the way.

So we’re perfectly placed to build a new kind of investment vehicle, focused on marketing to drive ecommerce custom.

A cooperative of business angels, B2C brands and customer acquisition agencies …

We are BLUE14 – A Virtuous Circle of Growth.

So, what’s the master plan?

We have set aside £10m of personal funds which includes investment in 15-20 start-ups and the construction of a high-tech ‘retro chic’ office building as our Brighton HQ – dubbed ‘We Work on Acid’ and complete with an in-house philosopher!

Then our aim is to secure external funds, aggressively grow the investment portfolio and expand our co-marketing concept across other UK locations. 

So we’re perfectly placed to build a new kind of investment vehicle, focused on marketing to drive ecommerce custom.

Jim Lewcock, Founder

The angel investor and conceptualist behind BLUE14, Jim made his money building The Specialist Works from one desk to two hundred. After hitting £130m billings through growth and acquisitions, Jim sold his multinational agency in 2018.

Proudest careers moments – emotional speech and goodbye to TSW, closely followed by purposeful shenanigans with virgin unite and the fasttrack onehundred crew.

Likes – curious entrepreneurs, clarity, Blue Ocean Strategy, music, Linky-brains and occasional hedonism.

Special skills – direct response channels , leadership, an eye for the opportunity, big speeches, culture creation, hustle bustle.

Most likely to say – “let’s do it”

Guy Stainthorpe, Co-Founder (B2C)

The go to man for e-commerce and subscription product development at BLUE14. Guy has spent most of his working life in the direct marketing engine rooms of global B-to-C media companies such as Bertelsmann AG and latterly at DeAgostini Spa, where he launched 47 new continuity products in English language markets in a decade. Most recently, he has helped Atlas For Men, a European e-commerce clothing brand, establish a new market presence in the UK.

Proudest careers moments – winning a Queens Award for Export Achievement at The Folio Society in 1998; Confounding the nay-sayers by growing a market leading collectibles business from scratch for DeAgostini; Getting Davina McCall’s annual fitness DVD to Number 1 in the UK National DVD Charts in January 2016.

Likes – optimists, team players, generosity of spirit, entrepreneurs like Jim and Dom.
And great copy…

Special skills – analysis, planning and end-to-end delivery in D-to-C business management; efficient, robust new product testing and development; building offer propositions and mastering the direct response variables and profit drivers in a business.

Most likely to say – “and the bottom line is…”

Dom Benton, Co-Founder (Performance Media)

BLUE14’s marketing services lead, Dom built his own agency and has since helped others to build theirs. He has specialised in supporting high growth consumer brands for the past 20 years and, after his exit in 2015, Dom has spent the past three in the world of start-ups and scale-ups as an investor and adviser.

Proudest careers moments – almost £1bn of exit value realised by brands my own agency played a big part in growing. Taking the whole agency to House Festival several times. Building a business good enough for someone (Jim!) to want to buy it.

Likes – clearly differentiated propositions, finding multiple answers, plans that lead to happy choices, good arguers, being outside, foreign cities, trees, beaches.

Special skills – TV advertising, growth strategies, planning pragmatism, reading people, adding ideas, having a laugh along the way.

Most likely to say – something surprisingly blunt